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We provide a high level of professionalism, great customer service and affordable rates. We can guarantee a no-hassle experience with easy scheduling and fast service. When you give us the green light, we will recycle, donate, or dump your clutter or junk and sweep the area clean.

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Say goodbye to clutter with ease through our general pickup service. Handling everything from small items to large loads, we ensure a hassle-free experience – just leave your clutter in a designated area, preferably outside or in the garage, and our professional crews will take care of the rest. We don’t just remove – we tidy up, leaving the pickup area swept clean, as if the clutter was never there. With us, you avoid the inconveniences and potential damages associated with self-disposal, ensuring a smooth, clean, and timely clutter removal experience.

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Donate & Recycle

Your clutter transforms into contributions with our Donation & Recycling first mentality. As a standalone or an adjunct to our general pickup, we ensure your still-nice items either find a new home or are recycled responsibly. Place your designated items in an accessible location, and our expert team will sort, pick up, and ensure they find their next purpose, leaving you with a clutter-free space and a clear conscience.

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Take control of your clutter with our Trailer Rental Service, designed for those who appreciate hands-on decluttering at their pace. A trailer is dropped at your location (24, 48, 72 hours), you fill it, and we handle the rest – pickup, sorting, and disposal. It’s a time-saver that keeps you clear of the hassle and grime of the dump while ensuring all items are disposed of responsibly.

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Property Management

We are at your service with tailored solutions for property managers facing the challenges of overflowing dumpsters, tenant evictions, and the need for regular pickups. Our Property Management service is designed to be both fast and affordable, ensuring your premises remain clean, organized, and inviting. Partner with us for efficiency that elevates your property’s appeal and functionality

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Storage Units

The ultimate solution for facility owners facing the challenge of units filled with leftover, abandoned, or evicted items. We provide a quick, cost-effective, and reliable option to clear out these spaces, ensuring they are ready for future use. Trust us to transform your cluttered units into clean, emptied, and market-ready spaces with minimal hassle.

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Real Estate Partnership

Join forces with Clutter B Gone to offer an unparalleled service experience to your clients. Our Real Estate Partnership equips realtors with additional tools, offering specialized pickup services that assist in home presentation, move-outs, or managing items left behind. Elevate your client engagement and set yourself apart as a realtor who not only meets but exceeds expectations with a touch of uniqueness and added value.

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Organizer Partnership

Amplify your organizing service by partnering with Clutter B Gone. We specialize in handling the pickup and disposal (donation, recycling & dump) of items your clients are ready to let go of, enabling you to focus solely on organizing and sorting. Our behind-the-scenes efficiency ensures that each project is executed flawlessly, enhancing your professional service delivery and client satisfaction.


All projects are unique and are bid individually, so providing exact pricing is not possible. What we can provide is our starting price and common averages. Below pricing is for residential services, for commericial services text/call for details.

*Some items may have additional disposal fees.

Small Load



(Avg. $125)

Truck Bed


Common items: Small furniture, bags of clothes, mixed trash, toys, cardboard, donations, single items, etc.

Large Load



(Avg. $225)

Large Tarp


Common items: Avg. household furniture, clothes, mixed trash, mattresses, medium appliances, cardboard, etc.

Jumbo Load



(Avg. $425)



Common items: Sectionals, tables, tons of bags, refrigerators, large appliances, heavy objects, trees/landscaping material, etc.

*If items are in the garage/outside, our bids are discounted. We offer inside removal for an additional charge.


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