Sentimental Decluttering

Kathi Jensen

June 1, 2024 | 2-3 min read

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Decluttering can be a daunting task, especially when you’re someone who attaches sentimental value to almost everything. However, creating a clutter-free space can bring a sense of peace and order to your home. Here are five practical tips to help you declutter, even when your heartstrings are tugged by memories associated with your belongings.


Start Small (exercise your decluttering muscle): Decluttering is like exercising a muscle – it gets stronger with practice. Start with items you’re less attached to and gradually work your way up to the more sentimental stuff. For example, you might begin by donating clothes you haven’t worn in a year or kitchen gadgets you rarely use. As you become more comfortable with letting go, you’ll find it easier to tackle more emotionally charged items.


Try Reverse Decluttering (give it time to lose its sparkle): Sometimes, things feel special simply because they’re always there, staring at you. Reverse decluttering can help with this. Place items in storage for six months and revisit them later. Often, you’ll find they’ve lost some of their emotional pull. This technique is particularly effective for everyday items that aren’t heirlooms or already tucked away in storage. It gives you a chance to see if you can live without these items cluttering your space.


Limit Keepsakes (make special items truly special): If everything is special, then nothing is. Narrowing your keepsakes down to a handful of truly meaningful items ensures that those you do keep are genuinely special. This might mean choosing one cherished item from a collection instead of keeping everything. By doing this you not only reduce clutter but also make the remaining items stand out more, allowing them to hold a truly special place in your home.


Focus on Memories, Not Items: It’s important to remind yourself that people and memories are not contained in the items themselves but are in your heart and mind. Photographs, letters, and mementos can hold sentimental value, but the true essence of your memories and relationships lives within you. By focusing on this, it becomes easier to let go of physical items without feeling like you’re losing a part of your past.


Set a Clear Goal (visualize your ideal space): Decluttering for the sake of it can feel pointless and overwhelming. Instead, have a specific goal or vision of your home. Think about how you want your space to look and feel. Maybe you envision a minimalist living room with clean lines and open spaces, or perhaps a cozy bedroom with only essential items. Having a clear picture of your end goal makes the decluttering process more purposeful and motivates you to keep going.

Practice makes improvement.

Letting go of sentimental items can be challenging, but with practice, it gets easier. Start small, give yourself time, and stay focused on your goal. Remember, the aim is to create a space that brings you joy, tranquility, and less to manage.

By incorporating these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a more organized peaceful home.

Happy decluttering!

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