Decluttering with Kids

Kathi Jensen

September 10, 2023 | 2-3 min read

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Helping young children declutter their rooms can be a rewarding experience that instills important organization skills. By using straightforward strategies and a touch of creativity, parents can guide their children to maintain tidy and manageable spaces. Here are some tips to simplify the process.

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Begin Small: Start the decluttering journey with a small area, like a toy corner or a single shelf. Encourage your child to pick a few items they no longer use or want. This way, the task feels achievable.

Transform It Into a Game: Make decluttering a fun game. Set a timer and challenge your child to see how many times they can tidy up before it rings. Consider offering a small reward or heaps of praise to keep them motivated.

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One In, One Out: Teach your child the “one in, one out” rule. Whenever they receive a new toy or item, encourage them to select an older one to donate or give away. This simple principle prevents clutter from accumulating.

Personalize Their Space: Involve your child in the design and arrangement of their room. When they have a say in how their space looks, they’re move likely to take responsibility for keeping it organized.

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Use Labels: Label bins, drawers, or shelves to help children identify where items belong. Simple picture labels can be especially helpful for non-readers, making it easier for them to maintain order.

The Sorting System: Introduce a straightforward sorting system using three boxes or bins: “Keep”, “Donate”, and “Trash”. Ask your child to decide which category each item belongs to. This empowers them to make choices about their belongings.

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Be Their Role Model: Children often imitate their parents. Demonstrate your decluttering skills and explain the advantages of an organized space. Your actions can inspire them to do the same.

Consistency is Key: Turn decluttering into a regular routine. Dedicate a specific time each week for decluttering sessions. Consistency helps children established good habits.

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Shower Them with Praise: Recognize your child’s efforts and commend their achievements. Positive reinforcement boots their motivation to continue decluttering and organizing their space.

Teaching your children how to declutter their rooms in an invaluable skill that’s sets them on the path to organization and responsibility. With these uncomplicated strategies, parents can transform decluttering into an enjoyable and educational experience. Remember that patience and consistency play a pivotal role in helping your child develop habits that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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