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Kathi Jensen

October 25, 2023 | 2-3 min read

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Help! How do I get rid of unwanted junk? We don’t like to call it junk; we call it clutter. Most of the items our clients have are still good; they just aren’t serving them anymore and are cluttering their space. Before you call CLUTTER B GONE and we haul away all your clutter, here is the process for getting rid of your clutter.


Prioritization: Focus on decluttering the areas or items that have the most significant impact on your life and well-being. Start with what matters most.


One-in, One-out Rule: For every new item you bring into your space, consider getting rid of one similar item. This helps prevents new clutter from accumulating.


Declutter Regularly: Making decluttering a routine, not a one-time event. Regularly assess your belongings and remove items that no longer serve a purpose.


Sorting System: Use a sorting system with categories like Keep, Donate/Sell, and Discard. This simplifies the decision-making process.


Emotional Attachment: Recognize that emotional attachment to items can cloud your judgement. Ask yourself if an item truly adds value to your life.


Minimalism: Embrace the concept of minimalism, which promotes owning only what you need and cherish. Less can often lead to a happier clutter-free life.


Storeage Solutions: Invest in storage solutions like bins, shelves, and organizers to maintain an organized space.


Digital Clutter: Extend decluttering to your digital life by organizing files, deleting unnecessary emails, and simplifying your digital workspace.


Donate or Sell: Consider donating usable items to those in need or selling them to recoup some value.


  • The Salvation Army
  • Goodwill
  • Deseret Industries
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Big Brothers & Sisters
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • eBay


Learn from Others: Seek inspiration and advice from books, blogs, or documentaries on decluttering and minimalism.


Hold yourself Accountable: Setting up regular pick-ups with Clutter B Gone will help you maintain the clutter-free lifestyle you desire.

These principles capture the essence of decluttering and will guide you towards an more organized and simplified life.

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Kathi Jensen


Kathi is not just a co-owner of Clutter B Gone, but also the mastermind behind our vibrant social media and marketing campaigns. When she’s not crafting engaging content, you’ll find her coming up with the next thing to organize, always with a smile!