Our Story

We believe in the power of a decluttered space. Born from a genuine need, we recognized the profound impact of a clutter-free environment. Our mission? To help you reclaim your spaces, banishing the shadows of stress and anxiety that clutter casts. It's not about what we take away but what you get back: peace, clarity, and joy. Every project, big or small, is a step closer to a brighter, breathable living space.

Clutter B Gone Owners 2023

Our inception wasn't just about starting a business; it was about creating a communal ethos where we could extend a helping hand to those in need while finding fulfillment ourselves. As a small, family-run business, our roots are entrenched in delivering a universally beneficial service - something everyone can find value in.

First crew outing 2020

Initiating our journey right before the tumultuous times of COVID-19, we’ve not just endured but flourished.

Our remarkable growth can be attributed to meticulous planning, unwavering dedication, and countless hours devoted to reaching new heights. Our startup has not only crafted a robust strategic plan but has also translated it into flourishing success. We wholeheartedly embraced various digital marketing strategies, including social media, online advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing. Through successful partnerships and collaborations, we’ve expanded our vision, reaching audiences far and wide.

Central to our philosophy was overhauling the traditional, often pressured, on-site bidding system. We envisioned a no-pressure, no-obligation service right from the start. We believe in transparency and trust, ensuring that our clients feel comfortable and in control throughout the process.

Clutter B Gone's Photo & Video Shoot 2022

With a focus on an effortless pre-booking experience, we've meticulously crafted each step to be as seamless as possible. We're not just removing clutter from your spaces; we're lifting the weight off your shoulders. With Clutter B Gone, experience a service where your comfort and satisfaction are paramount.

We couldn’t have done it without all our amazing clients so we thank everyone for their support in this journey thus far.

Your Space, Reimagined

"Our mission is to help you rediscover the joy of your space by removing unwanted items with ease and affordability. It's not about the clutter we remove; it's about the tranquility, order, and happiness you regain."

Who Are We?

Dive into the personal passions and hobbies that drive our founders and shape our company's unique spirit.

Kathi Headshot



A co-founder and key member of Clutter B Gone’s leadership team, wears multiple hats, serving as Director of Marketing, Digital Creation, Social Media, and Client & Public Relations. Her expertise drives brand development, strategic planning, and business growth. With a sold foundation in sales and marketing, Lath enriches our team with her wealth of experience and knowledge.

Cam Headshot



As a co-founder and driving force behind Clutter B Gone, he navigates the technical aspects of the business, website & software development, operations, client relations, and strategic planning. His passion for flawless organization might border on OCD (except in his office), but it’s perfectly balanced with an infectious sense of humor.

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A guiding influence at Clutter B Gone, specializing in business development, strategic planning, and operations. As one of our co-founders, his primary focus lies in supporting our growth through strategic partnerships, operations, and financial health. Justin plays a crucial role in both adapting to current challenges and scouting future growth opportunities.